A Zagi Field Trip

A Zagi Field Trip


We attended the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Expo, visited NASA Ames, and Scaled Composites in California the second week of January. The trip was an adventure, to say the least, and we formed many new relationships.

We met several Zagi flyers at the AMA and talked to several suppliers that we are now considering using. The AMA management caught wind of our presence, and we were invited to have a booth and participate in the fall show in Pomona, Calif. It will be November 2-4 at the Fairplex, and we’d like to see lots of you there! Currently, we are planning to participate in a combat wing competition and be a part of the wing racing. We have ordered several dozen Zagi 33 wing blanks and will make a FPVWRA-compliant (First Person View Wing Racing Association) kit available in the next few months. Please email if you are interested or have ideas, have used your 33 for racing, or FPV etc.

We met NASA Chief Scientist Al Bowers at the AMA show and were invited to NASA Ames to see his fine collection of flying wings! Al knows his stuff and flies a THL usually via high start. The Prandtl wing has some excellent flight characteristics that a few of our models might benefit from. We’re working on such a redesign now and hope to let a few of you test fly them. An early prototype has already been flown and given away!

Visiting Scaled Composites was an experience like none other. If you’ve been following our posts, there’s a good group of Zagi flyers employed there. They get together and fly during lunch or on weekends. New employees and interns usually get a Zagi as part of their “initiation.” too. We talked to them during a Lunch and Share program about what makes Zagi tick. After lunch, we toured the facility, including the new Stratolaunch Systems aircraft among others. No pictures were allowed, sorry! If you are ever going past Tehachapi, look up Tehachapi Crosswinds RC club!

We’ve been overwhelmed by requests to custom build Zagi’s! A few of those completed last month were old planes of Jerry’s that received a recover and new controls, several were new from scratch. We want to continue doing this for people, but please realize we are a very small company and also involved with other projects! We appreciate your patience! We can’t wait to show these projects to you. See you next month!

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