“Often imitated, never duplicated.” Zagi is the original radio-controlled EPP flying wing.

The crash that would be called “The Big One” to any other flying wing is just a landing to a Zagi. Crashing a Zagi is little more than embarrassing. The word “foamie” refers to a wire-cut, easy to assemble EPP (expanded polypropylene) foam and tape airplane. The original Zagi foamies have crash survivability because of this building method. Trick Wings, the predecessor to Zagi, LLC, pioneered this method. We continue to refine Zagi flying wings based on performance and crash survivability. Zagis have maintained the simple flying wing shape that contributes to its crash survivability. There have been many structural changes to the Zagi as foam, motor, and battery technology evolve. Passive energy absorption is the theory that gives the Zagi flying wings their crash survivability. Passive on impact yet aggressive enough to support the flight loads at performance speed is what can be expected from a Zagi flying wing.