Scaled Composites flies Zagi!

Scaled Composites flies Zagi!

One of the highlights of this year was learning that owning is a rite of passage at Scaled Composites. New employees and interns are indoctrinated into Zagis and are flown by them in their down time.

“Engineers at Scaled Composites, the team behind the famed Spaceship One, live by one simple rule: have fun. That is how we design build and test the awesome creations we are known for. Being located out in wonderful Southern California provides us with some pristine hills for slope soaring. The go to airplane for us is a Zagi every time. Whether it be the THL or the 5C Combat wing, engineers like myself can always count on the sleek yet tough as nails wings to keep us flying. The airfoil and sleek design allows for us to keep flying longer than other models as the winds slow down; however, the tough EPP and tape construction lets the them bounce and survive those guaranteed accidents. The perfect combination of performance and resilience Zagi’s offer allow us at Scaled to have fun!”

Eli Lockwood – Design Engineer, Scaled Composites

One of Eli’s creations is below.

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