Propellers with Adapter



Two carbon 5×5 propellers with machined aluminum propeller adapter for 3.17mm motor shafts.

This spoon shaped 5X5 prop was tested against four major 5X5 brands on the Zagi with a radar speed gun. The test was performed in level flight, on the same Zagi, on the same day, in the same conditions just minutes apart. The pilot was not told which prop was on the Zagi and was not told the radar results. The Zagi was landed and a NASCAR style prop and battery change were done. The procedure was repeated three times. The Zagi carbon prop tested 10 to 15 MPH faster than the other four. Since the test was not done to find the best performance in a tractor configuration the only conclusion for the performance difference is that the spoon shaped prop works better in the pusher configuration. The performance difference is perhaps that the wider spoon shape works better in dirty (turbulated) air.