Zagi HP Electric Flying Wing


Covering Tape * 

Covering Tape, second roll

Canopy/Motor mount material * 

Your choice of .040″ (standard) or .060 Styrene. Also Kydex

Required to Build

Carbon Fiber Elevon option

substitute regular balsa elevon stock with pre-made carbon elevons

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The Zagi HP is a versatile flying wing. The motor tray employs a built in hard-point (HP) mounting system. The new system integrates a laser cut 1/8″ plywood motor mount laminated inside in the styrene motor tray. The universal HP mount has three different pre-drilled holes in patterns for most brushless motors. This mount system provides the ridged platform brushless power requires. The HP mount distributes the thrust and torque load over a wide area of the foam wing, ensuring a solid connection between power and wing.


Flight Mode Aerobatic Electric Power
Wing Span 48 inches
Airfoil Zagi 101.4 (high speed)
Flying Weight 25.5 oz
Wing Area 2.8 ft2
Wing Loading 9.1 oz/ft2
Top Speed 85 MPH

Kit contents:

  • 1 HP brushless motor mount and canopy (Heavier Styrene and Kydex now an option!)
  • 2 Precision CNC cut EPP foam wings
  • 5 Carbon fiber spars
  • 1 Plywood brace
  • 2 Balsa elevons
  • 2 Plastic winglets
  • 2 Plastic servo fairings
  • 2 Strips hinge tape
  • 2 Control horns and control rods
  • 1 Roll fiber tape
  • 1 Roll colored covering tape

Required to build:

  • * 1 Radio-control transmitter, capable of elevon mixing
  • * 1 Radio-control receiver, minimum 3 channels
  • * 1 Brushless motor and electronic speed control (ESC)
  • * 1 Propeller and prop adapter
  • * 2 Servos, “micro” size
  • * 1 LiPo battery
  • * 1 Battery charger
  • 3M Super 77 spray adhesive
  • Assortment of tools (see assembly manual)

You can now also add carbon fiber elevons!

If you want a paper manual they are now $2 (our cost) otherwise the .PDF manual is available here.

* Available from Zagi