Brushless Motor



The 3100 Kv motor is a custom designed and crafted motor made to optimize the efficiency of light-weight batteries. That means longer flights and less power loss from overheating. This motor turns the prop over 22,000 rpm at only 30 amps in static testing. Unloaded in flight the RPM increases 20% and the current drops 20%. We have tested higher Kv motors like 3600 and 4000 Kv, and found them to be power hungry (45 to 60 amps) with small RPM gains.

The recommended set up is direct drive with a 5 X 5 prop and a 35 to 40 amp ESC using a maximum of 3 LiPo cells.

The operating RPM range of this motor is 22,000 to 42,000. The prop should be balanced to achieve maximum efficiency and avoid bearing wear.

The Zagi Inrunner Motor System comes with:

  • 3100 Kv, 28 X 35mm, Brushless Inrunner Motor
  • 3.5mm Male Connectors