New Inventory Coming in 2018!

New Inventory Coming in 2018!


Zagi inventory has been steadily disappearing as soon as we make it or order supplies. That’s a good problem to have. But, we also know that Zagi hasn’t had a new model or materials in some time, and we’ve been working to change that. We’re going to start offering carbon fiber elevons, winglets, and motor trays (with a base). We’ve also been working on some new designs with people we look up to in the industry. We’re excited to announce the coming of a 72-in and a 36-in wing.

The 72-in Zagi wing will be based on an Unmanned Aerial (UAS) Platform and will have a 12-in center pod for controls and two 30-in wings. The 36-in wing will be a racing drone with an 8-in center pod and two 14-in wings. Both new Zagi wings will break down, so you can fit it into a backpack–ideal for hiking and easily assembling for a cliff launch. Right now, opinions are pushing us toward developing an aircraft that flies almost out of the box, so we’ll be taking assembly into deeper consideration.

We know that some of you have strong opinions about tape vs. laminate as a wing coating, how thick they like their canopies, and which battery brands are best. If you have an opinion about this, let us know! We’ll also be offering to laminate these two wings. You can choose from a carbon fiber skin, a regular laminating film, or order them bare as with our other models. Eventually, we’ll offer laminate with all our models, but we wanted to do it to these new ones first.

Oldies but Goodies

Surprisingly, we have received many requests to start making the 400x and 33 wings again! We have a call into our foam supplier to see if they still have the dies. If so, we may do some limited runs. We think the 33 would be a great FPV racer with some mods. See a video on it here.

Carbon Fiber Elevons & a Ziji Sale

We found someone to make carbon fiber elevons for us, and we now carry them here. For the time being, we will only carry them for the HP and HP60 unless requested specially.

Pricing on our Zijji motor mounts are half off. They are a great upgrade to your HP or HP60 and virtually eliminate motor mount breakage.

We’ve added .060-in Styrene and Kydex to our canopy and motor mount offerings to our Kits and Building Materials.

And, for those who like gyro stabilization, we’ve added HiTec’s HG3XA to our inventory. We’ve talked to their technical rep and have tried it out. Try one here. They appear to have gotten some bad reviews, but we couldn’t find any issues.

Our Secret Service

We are now officially announcing our long held Secret Build Service as an option for new kits purchases. It takes longer and there’s a fee, but if you truly want a ready-to-fly Zagi, we can do that for you.

There’s lots to look forward to in the new year! Check our blog or Facebook page @zagillc for updates!


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