Moving into the Future

Moving into the Future


We’ve continued to do moderately well despite some customers thinking the business had been shut down. We ship daily and frequently complete custom orders for commercial and overseas customers. We want you to know that we’re committed to the Zagi enterprise and helping it continue as a social sport.

The computer that had been used to cut the 5C and THL has died. (It was Windows 98!) We are in the process of setting up all of the cuts again on a newer machine and making some improvements along the way. Still hoping to have that resolved soon. In the meantime, we have been selling the remainder of the stock.

We receive several emails a month about using our powered models as platforms for surveillance, FPV flying, etc., and are working with a well known aerodynamicist to not only solve some issues inherent to our current designs but also make them suitable for commercial use. The last bit of this will be improving manufacturing design and process on our side as well as making them easier for you to assemble!

We plan on doing an email blast regularly to give you updates on our progress and tips and tricks too. If you have some Tech Tips, things you do to improve your Zagi, or make project aircraft fly better, let us know!

Happy Flying!


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