Hacking Winglets

Hacking Winglets

We love hearing from Zagi fans. Many of you have so much experience to add to our wings. We appreciate the feedback and will share with the “tribe” as well as modify our designs as we can.

This month’s hack comes from Kevin Baker, from Nova Scotia. He flies his Zagi THL as a slope soarer.

“ I use my Zagi as a slope soarer only, and it’s seen many hours of air time and multiple incidents with the face of the slope. It’s been a swim in the Atlantic once too,” he wrote to us in a recent email.

Kevin didn’t like the winglet (or “tiplet”). He thought the design could use improvement in addition to using a better material to prevent breakage or the dreaded “Zagi spin of death” as he put it.

Zagi Tiplets

He modified the design into five different shapes and cut them on a laser using PETG. When he tested them, he found that winglet #4 worked best for him and prevented the Zagi spin. His friends, however, preferred #5.

He’s been gracious enough to share a template of his design for you to test as well. Let us know which one works for you! We’re going to do our own testing too. Thanks, Kevin!

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